No Lies Mineral Earth Muscle Soak

No Lies Mineral Earth Muscle Soak

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Effect: This detoxifying and soothing combination works best for those who really like to play hard. Epsom salts are used to relieve pain and cramping to aid with muscle recovery, combined with 21 minerals found in Dead Sea salts to provide effective relief from joint swelling. A unique green clay blend provides powerful cleansing properties to balance and restore the skin surface - softening and strengthening the whole body as you relax. Basil is added for therapeutic benefits said to enhance your mood, increase alertness and soothe muscle aches.

Aroma: a bold blend of basil, lemongrass & rose geranium.

Application: Start with a generous handful but remember this blend is a concentrated mix so use less that you would with ordinary bath salts.

Ingredients: Dead sea salt, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, Illite green clay, essential oils.

100g jar

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