Holistic African Pink Pepper And Peony Diffuser 170ml

Holistic African Pink Pepper And Peony Diffuser 170ml

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This reed diffuser delicately releases the scent of African Pink Pepper and Peony, creating the ultimate ambiance of pure, unfettered indulgence. Pink Pepper essential oil can help promote feelings of alertness. Its spicy profile works wonders with florals like peony, creating an invigorating aroma. 

✔ biodegradable, non-toxic formula

✔ vegan & not tested on animals

✔ safe for people’s health, animals and environment 


Content: 170ml / Lasts up to 16 weeks 

The pink pepper used in this reed diffuser was responsibly sourced from African islands Reunion and Mauritius, where the berries grow wild. Strong ties with suppliers ensure a stable, high-quality supply on a long-term basis.

How to use: Simply insert the reeds into the jar and beautiful scent will gently release into the air. For an intense scent, use all the reeds. If you prefer something a bit lighter, just remove a reed or two.

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