Ross & Ross Curing Kit Tube - Old English Bacon

Ross & Ross Curing Kit Tube - Old English Bacon

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The kit uses proper artisan methods of drawing the moisture of our meat by the process of osmosis. The best thing about this tube edition is that it includes just one main curing mix from our customers' favourites – the old English cure. It allows you to cure up to 1.5kg of bacon. Just add the pork!

What’s the inspiration behind the Curing Kit Range?

Our range of Homemade Curing Kits were launched in 2014, with the original Bacon Curing Kit. The inspiration behind the range was that we wanted to create a kit that used a professional method of curing bacon & salmon but it was easy enough to allow everyone to give it a go.
The extension into the curing kit range, with the tubes was inspired by our desire to become more environmentally friendly and also offer a product with our customers favourite curing mixes. The tube contains less packaging and less plastic. We continue to look for more effective ways of being environmentally friendly. The tube also offers our customers the chance to just cure the flavoured bacon they want.


  • 1x curing mix – old English(85g)
  • Muslin (enough for 1.5kg of bacon)
  • Butcher’s hook
  • Instruction’s booklet

Does not include pork

Shelf life: minimum one year but the cures will only lose flavour after that period, they are not dangerous to consume.

Sizing varies by brand, and we therefore include sizing indications on each product page. However, please call us on 01749 813011 and we will gladly talk you through anything that isn't clear.